Buying Your Stuff

We will buy any collection as long as the price is right!

Are you looking to sell part or all of your collection? Here is what you need to do:
  1.  Be local. At this time we are not buying collections that need to be shipped to us.
  2. Call or email ahead of time to make an appointment and ensure an authorized buyer will be in store when you get there.
  3. Be willing to sell. We aren’t in the business of appraising what your collection is worth. The only number we will giving you is what we are looking to pay for it. If you just want to know what it is worth, then please just buy a price guide.
  4. Have your Key Issues separated ahead of time to speed up the process. These are often times the bread and butter of whether or not we are interested in buying your collection. Key Issues would be first appearances of well know characters (i.e. Incredible Hulk #181-1st appearance of Wolverine; Walking Dead #19-1st appearance of Michonne, etc), classic story lines (i.e. Death of Gwen Stacy, Dark Phoenix Saga, etc.) or popular Indy books with low print runs (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Walking Dead, etc).
To schedule an appointment to sell you collection please contact:
  • For our Nashville store, call 615-883-7890
  • For our Clarksville store, call 931-919-2885
  • For our Fort Campbell store, call 270-697-4329
These factors are also something to take into consideration when we quote you a price:

WE ARE A BUSINESS that has to make money to stay open. So just because your comic is worth $50, doesn’t mean we will give you $50 for it. We have to be able to buy it and turn it around and sell it for a profit. Thus you won’t be getting the prices you listed in any price guides for anything you have to sell. Please don’t be offended when what we offer you is less than what it’s worth.

CONDITION is everything. It doesn’t matter how old it is, if it’s in horrible shape, it’s probably worth only a tiny fraction of what you think it is.

MODERN DAY ISSUE #1’s AREN’T KEY ISSUES ANYMORE. Just because you have a #1, it does not mean that your book holds any value. In recent years many of the publishers have re-started and re-started a title over and over again (DC just restarted their ENTIRE publishing line in 2011 with new #1’s all around), so modern day #1’s aren’t nearly as rare or sought after as Golden and Silver Age #1’s. Just take a look at how many times The Punisher, Captain America, or The Flash have been restarted with new #1’s as proof to how many of them there can be.

’90s BOOKS AREN’T RARE. Most books from the late ’80s and most of the ’90s have not held their value and we see in just about every collection we buy. Even books like the Death of Superman and Spawn #1 had print runs of well over a million books each (or, in the case of the Jim Lee/Chris Claremont X-Men #1 sold 8.1 million copies and currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the most copies ever sold of one book!). By comparison, the big, event-selling books of today’s market, like Superior Spider-Man #1, had only a first print run of 250,000 copies. Even if your books held some value 10 or 20 years ago, there are just too many copies out there for that value to have stayed in tact, and everyone who was just collecting for the investment and not the hobby have re-flooded the market with all these next-to-now-worthless copies. There are a few exceptions, but not many. But it’s all about supply and demand.

STARTING PRICE FOR A LONG BOX OF COMICS IS $20. What all you have in your collection will determine how much more than the base price we are willing to pay after all of the above factors have been taken into consideration. Also understand that the majority of our revenue is on New Comics and only a small percentage of our profit comes from back issues, so the need for a lot a older issues is not always as high.