New Comic Shipping Updates

Updated at 3/2/21 @ 10:30pm: The recent winter weather have caused massive backups from the shipping carriers, causing delays for our new comics. Here is the current status for each of our stores:

Our Nashville store will have all of their DC Comics available for 3/3, but the remaining books schedulde for 3/3 will be delayed. At this time we do not know for how long. All previous week's books are also in stock.

Our Clarksville store has finally received the truck for 2/24 and it will be available now. New DC Comics for 3/3 will be available as well. But the remainder of the shipment for 3/3 has been delayed with no confirmed time on when it will arrive.

Be A Hero, Wear A Mask!

For the safety of our staff and fellow comic lovers, we ask that you please wear a mask when entering our stores as well as maintain social distancing practices. If you are not able to wear a mask for any reason, we are happy to help you by using carside pickup (just call your store ahead of time) or have your items shipped to you. Thanks heroes!

Fun With Toys by MT Panels

Comics from a guy who loves them, but can't draw them to save his life ;)

New Releases from DC Comics

DC Comics is no longer partnered with Diamond Distribution/Previews Magazine. So to see and find out more about their upcoming releases, check out their monthly digital catalog: DC Connect. 

Click the DC Connect banner below to go straight to the catalogs and find out what's coming from them up to 2 months in advance.

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