Be A Hero, Wear A Mask!

While many of you are now fully vaccinated, many more are in various stages of getting their shots or waiting for the 2 week after to get the full antibodies into their system. And our youngest fans are still not eligible to get the vaccine just yet. For that reason, and for the safety of our staff and fellow comic lovers, we ask that you please continue to wear a mask when entering our stores. Thanks heroes!

The Hellfire Gala: June 16th, 2021 @ Rick's Comic City Nashville

Rick's Comic City Nashville and Krakoan Ambassadors request the pleasure of your company at an art exhibition and auction to celebrate the nation of Krakoa, Wednesday, the Sixteenth of June starting at Ten O'Clock AM. Dress Code will be Hated and Feared.

To celebrate the release of Planet-Sized X-Men, Rick's Comic City will be hosting a fan-art exhibit by YOU. All day, all X-men or X-related books and merchandise will be 20% off including Back Issues, (but excluding $1 books). We will be holding 2 competitions that day.

The first will be a fan-art cover competion/auction. To enter, buy one of the Blank Cover Comics available in our store, draw whatever (family appropriate) fan art you want on the cover, and bring it back to us before June 1st. You do not have to draw X-men characters. You do not have to be an artist to participate. You do not have to participate in the auction to compete for best cover. Come in and talk to us for more details. Prize to be determined.

The second competition will be for best dressed. This can mean come in your best high fashion formal wear, come in cosplay as your favorite character or your favorite character wearing black tie attire, or just whatever (family appropriate) cosplay you want. This is the perfect time to wear the outfit you were excited to buy but haven't worn anywhere because we have been quarantining for a year.

It should be one Hell(fire) of a Gala!

New Releases from DC Comics

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