Nashville Comic & Horror Festival Guaranteed Time Block Tickets

Nashville Comic & Horror Festival Guaranteed Time Block Tickets

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What: Nashville Comic & Horror Festival

When: October 17, 2020

Where: Next Door to Rick's Comic City, 2720 Old Lebanon Rd Suite 104, Nashville, TN

Price: Free!!

Since the Nashville Fairgrounds are closed for the rest of the year, the NC&HF can't be held at its usual spot. So they are hosting a smaller version of the show next door to Rick's Comic City in Nashville on October 17. There will be a few vendors and a few artist and special giveaways throughout the day.

This event is free, but to adhere to safety protocols, you can reserve your time to attend. This reservation guarantees at least 30 minutes inside the show. More time may be allowed, but not guaranteed, depending on how close we are to reaching our maximum number inside.

These tickets are first come, first serve. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait in a stand-by line until after ticketed attendees have left to make space inside.

One ticket = one person attending. So if you have a family of 4 coming that day, please add 4 tickets to your cart. 

Only choose 1 timeslot. Multiple timeslots reserved will be rejected. Our goal is to get as many people through as possible with safety in mind. So if you need more time, we will be happy to do what he can to make that happen.

Please bring with you a printout of your ticket receipt or be able to show us the email  receipt on your phone when you come to the door. 

Masks are also required to attend.

As our parking lot is pretty small, and we have 3 restaurants in our little nook, parking closer to the Bartending College may be a better option to finding a spot that day.

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