Ex Machina (2004) 26 Issue Comic Book Bundle Set

Ex Machina (2004) 26 Issue Comic Book Bundle Set

Marvel Comics

  • $30.00

Get Ex Machina #1-24, plus 2 Specials, all for one low price!

Ex Machina is the story of Mitchell Hundres, the world's first and only superhero, who, after his intervention during the 9/11 attacks, is elected Mayor of New York City. Before becoming Mayor he was known as The Great Machine, a hero who can communicate with and command any machine. The story takes place during his term in office but is also cut with flashbacks that are integral to the story being told. The book is known for exploring varying political and religious issues as well as unfolding the mysteries regarding Mitch's powers.

Condition of each book may vary slightly. Most would probably be in or around the VF range.

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