Female Force: Dolly Parton (2021) #2 Rick's Comic City Variant

Tidal Wave Productions

  • $7.99

(W) Michael L. Frizell (A/CA) Ramon Salas

TidalWave Comics is proud to announce the all-new 24-page comic book sequel to the best-selling “Female Force: Dolly Parton,” the latest entry in the comic book biography series that focuses on female empowerment. 

Dolly Parton’s voice has brought her fame, allowing her to amass a million dollar fortune – a fortune she doesn’t mind sharing. In addition, Dolly donates to a foundation in her name, has created the Imagination Library that donates books to millions of kids, and even pays students to stay in school. Her rags to riches story is inspiring, but her compassion and giving back have allowed others to break generational poverty, creating a lasting legacy. In this sequel to Female Force: Dolly Parton #1, explore her passion for giving back to a community that has given her so much.

This exclusive cover featuring the Rick's Comic City store logo has just a small, limited printing run made. Get this will supplies last!

In Shops: April 13, 2022

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