Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness (2021) #1 Dan Mora B&W Virgin Variant

Boom! Studios

  • $12.99

(W) L.L. McKinney (A) Simone Ragazzoni (CA) Dan Mora
Astronema is one of the most popular Power Rangers villains ever and her true origin is revealed for the first time in a one-shot directly connected to the events of Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers!

Before she became a Power Ranger, a young girl named Karone was kidnapped by bounty hunters and brainwashed into the assassin known as Astronema by two of the greatest threats in the galaxy - Dark Specter and Ecliptor.

But what is Dark Spector's true plan...and what does it mean for the new Mighty Morphin & Power Rangers teams?

Acclaimed author L.L. McKinney (A Blade So Black) and artist Simone Ragazzoni (Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn) present a powerful new story that no Power Rangers fan can miss.
In Shops: Mar 31, 2021
Condition Notes: Some color scuffing marks are noticeably present in the all-white top part of the front cover (See Pic #3)

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